Wooden vase: where sustainability meets gusto
Wooden vase to embellish your daily spaces🌿 We really believe that our way to see and design products could lead to creating a new lifestyle. Which, in our view, should be greener and aesthetically more pleasing. That’s why we’re trying to expand our product categories, ranging from tools for technology to tools for your everyday life. We’re extremely happy to introduce our newly launched Wooden Vases, one of the most simple yet innovative ideas we've launched in a while. They’re made of two thin sheets of real wood and drill cotton, sewn together and decorated. The combination of these two material makes the pots real [...]
Paris city guide: Compass by Wood’d goes live!
Paris city guide is here: Compass on paper for #PDW18! It's Paris Design Week folks, and while we're setting everything up for our next collection launch at Maison & Objet, the columns you know as Compass comes to real life! Paris is the city of many surprises, but you really need to get the usual stereotypes out of your mind. Forget crazy expensive bistrot and restaurants, start enjoying the multicultural and artistic metropolis Paris can be. To help you doing so, we've thought about a Paris city guide for all our friends. We've made a few calls to three savvy locals, and asked them where they [...]
Compass: Verona is not only about Romeo and Juliet
Verona and its people rock, without a doubt. Verona is an amazing place, divided in two parts by the Adige river, its center enclosed by ancient walls. This city is all surprises and no boredom, 100% fun. So, just forget for a second about Romeo, Juliet, and the ancient roman Arena. Just ask some keen local what's the best place for an authentic dinner, a bar with a view or the hypest burger in town.  Because it's pretty easy to fall in love with a place when it spreads such good vibes, to the point that it claims its create his own creative [...]
Compass: Milan’s city guide (according to its creative people)
Milan is a city of many talents: you will get the best advice. We all have those speciale friends we always head to when in need of new cool places, or when trying to plan your summer vacation in a rush, like fifteen minutes before that flight departure. That's the reason why we've decided to add noise in the Uncovered buzz, helping you figure out where to have dinner with that new crash of yours, or where to bring mama to have a coffee when she's in town visiting. So please welcome Compass, our collection of tips and tricks of our [...]
These brand are reshaping the idea of sustainability
How's the industry really reshaping sustainability? The fact that oceans and seas are full of plastic, that pollution is changing the climate and ecosystem of our planet, it means just one thing: time to act is now! This is also confirmed by the fact that a large part of the creative, fashion and design industries have become aware of the problem and are rethinking their production and distribution chain with a single objective: to check sustainability. We already spoke about this issue in two previous blog posts. In the first one, we explained our very personal approach to the theme, while in the second one we suggested [...]
5 ways to reduce your daily plastic consumption
Useful tips to avoid extra plastic consumption, folks! 🖖🏻 It's not long since we've started sharing our thoughts about sustainability, and we first did it with this article. It was our very personal approach to the subject, and today we want to step the game up. Not just theoretically speaking of consciousness, but starting with some real and practical small actions, something than can help all of us living in a more sustainable way! Are you wondering "Where am I to start?", maybe? Reducing plastic consumption it's a simple game, trust us. Everybody knows how this non-biodegradable material accumulates in our environment causing enormous damages. Lesser known is [...]
Pocket Cover Wood’d: where design meets functionality
Discover the Pocket Cover, the latest collection is here! We're back again! This time we're opening the doors of our laboratory, after a long time, just to show you how we get our hands dirty! We already brought you here, 30 kilometers away from Milano, Italy. In this space woodworking is not the only thing that matters, but it gains value merging itself with design, art, and illustration. And what we want to show you today is something special, is the birth of a new line of covers: the Pocket Cover Collection. So get all your tools and patience and [...]
Stefano Aschieri’s digest is cooler than yours
Stefano Aschieri is not average. Also his books and inspiration. I wrote this post yesterday, right after coming back from IKEA with a new book case and spending the whole afternoon moving books. First I tried organizing by color scale, then from bigger to smaller, then trying to recreate a messy but thoughtful order. I was so doomed that I started flipping through old books, the ones I always bring from home to home after every move, the ones I love so much. So I've asked myself: "If I had to choose, let's say, 5 books I couldn't live without, which [...]
Karim el Maktafi: the eyes of a natural born storyteller
What's the common link between jazz fusion and a professional dreamer? Photography has always had a huge impact on us, as a source of inspiration and as a tool: to make our products and collections shining on the WWW. But not all the captured stories need to be shiny and coated. We met Karim El Maktafi six years ago, as a photography student, and then later, a few months ago, at his first solo exhibition. Karim is an Italian-Moroccan photographer, focused on documentary and portraiture. His style is contemporary yet respectful, not to be labeled or confused with the many [...]
Simone Bonanni, a super designer with a story
Simone Bonanni and a new generation of designers ready to take over. Summer break is over, no more dinners outside, no more seaside chilling, no pool swimming. But we are thrilling to show you what's boiling in the pot for the season. So High Five to Simone Bonanni, product designer raised in Pordenone and based in Milano, with tons of experience in some of the glossiest design studios around Europe. We asked them a few question about his daily inspirations and simple yet bold work. So our advice is, don't leave these pages, it's the under 30 revolution! Ciao Simone. [...]