FunkRimini: a journey into the boomin’ sound
FunkRimini, Flowsane, and the animal funk approach.   After a first EP published in 2016, which had made them known (and praised) by both public and specialized press, FunkRimini re-emerge from the summer tides of their native Riviera with their debut LP: Flowsane. Thirteen tracks for an abundant hour of music, including future funk, nu-soul and disco-boogie, all rigorously recorded in analogue. After hours and hours of oiling rhythms and the mechanisms of their "animal" approach to music, we have intercepted them to bring you new Wood'd Vibes. A mix of unpublished and unreleased joints, you know? Here, we have [...]
Figura: on a journey to find the lost places of soul
Figura is where the imagination strikes, before reality. Figùra is the name of the ensemble which brings together the experience of producer/beatmaker Alsogood, bassist Emanuele Triglia and pianist and composer Alessandro Pollio. They move in between jazz and hip hop, and have just released their first album, titled "Place to Be". Embarked on a journey in search of the perfect soul placec, this record is made of different nuances and intuitions, whose seeds were thrown during long jam sessions in the studio. Or just traveling between Rome, Milan, Reggio Calabria and Munich. We've quickly met the guys through some mutual friends, so...It's only [...]
Y Dapt and the energetic chameleon way of sound
Have you ever seen a chameleon making music? Let's face it, we really needed a new Wood'd Vibes mix. Now, right before the beginning of a new exciting summer, we electrify our program with a new exclusive mixtape. Cosmic energies we bring in alongside Y-Dapt, from Flowing NRG Records (ouch!), who recently released his latest EP. We've met him in Milan recently, we've interviewed him and he gave us a dope mixtape for you. Press play? Who are you? I like to define myself as a DJ/Producer that throws funky and colorful vibes into the music he makes, while embracing a chameleonic life. How did [...]
Biga has that Climatico style that makes you bump
Biga El Climatico meets Wood'd Vibes: instant love. The meeting between the deejay and producer known as Biga El Climatico and Wood'd was bound to happen for a long time. For the story to be, it was just a matter of moons' alignment, as the vibe we bring and Biga's own moods are very much the same. We both stay true to our roots, while keeping an eye open to the world around us, and we both are always thirsty for authenticity within cultural differences. This is basically why it is a real pleasure to welcome here at Uncovered the one and only poster boy [...]
Dirton, from Pompeii to the center of the universal rhythm
A musical journey through Naples, Paris and London. Dirton is twenty-six, he comes from Pompeii (Naples), and, like many of his peers, he began to compose music in the darkness of his room, imagining distant scenarios and trying to trace the boundaries with the imagination. On a journey through the rhythms of the five continents, "Kenya Che?" has just been released, its new EP on the Malinka Sound label. From Afrobeat to the Italian disco tradition, in a magic triangle that unites the main world capitals of rhythm. Duty stop here for us at Uncovered, to bring us a new [...]
Francesco Galassia is suspended between stars and sounds
Francesco Galassia, Wood'd Vibes from a world close to us. Francesco Galassia is one of those guys that we really like, you know? A great graphic designer during the day, music lover and DJ at night. Coming down from the Alps to the valley to study, he landed in Milan a few years ago, and most likely you've heard him play in one o two of your favorite evenings in the city. So, a great welcome to Francesco in the Wood'd Vibes, the virtual space and mixtape collection where we ask DJs, producers and musicians to translate their idea of wood, craftsmanship [...]
Sergio Nox, Pijama and that modern disco feeling
Pijama and Sergio Nox are here, bringing some warm vibes ? New year, same old habits. Friday at Wood'd means good vibes and exquisite mixes only. That's why we created the Wood'd Vibes, our monthly column where a different artist, musician, DJ or producer will be sharing some fresh tunes with us. It's a friend's turn today. Sergio Gobbi is not only 1/2 of Pijama, the milanese brand delivering colorful soft cases for tech & everyday life, but also a music man. You might have spotted him digging in some vinyl stores or playing music in your favorite indie club but sill, he's a [...]
J89811 and the dark side of instrumental sound
The guy called J89811 is a mystery. We did Uncovered him for you. Back by popular demand, our column is somewhat happy to introduce to our friends an elusive and misterious beatmaker, a designer and sound producer. He goes by the moniker of J89811, and little we all know about him. Dude, for real: guy's a funny friend of some other friends, he's based in Milan, and from there he travels often all across Europe for his business. That's all we know. Also, he is partly in the instrumental and electronic scene, as well as in deep techno music...Man, mysterious Wood'd [...]
LA Ponto brings libraries to Wood’d Vibes
Have you ever heard about libraries and background music? If you haven't, maybe it's the case for you to read. If you haven't, just go ahead and you'll know more. Because, for your info, for this new Wood'd Vibes we've thought to take you to a different ride. We've thought to push us into the rare, more refined groove. We've been thinking of calling a young lady who, in the case of rare records, is one who knows what she is doing. We called Letizia, and got answered by LA Ponto. We ended up talking about libraries, inevitably, and having [...]
Cloud Danko, the lights of the past in the present future
DJ Danko is looking for the perfect beat. Cloud Danko, or DJ Danko, is a well known name in Italian black music scene, for several reasons. First and foremost, for the sophistication of its sound, the result of the never-ending practice of digging in the crates of which our friend is adept. Take a look at his social media and you will understand. Secondly, by the ability and the taste to create true soundscapes, unique atmospheres that set to make your listening a real voyage into sound, beyond epochs and genres. Even Nicola Conte, the famous jazz musician, adopted Danko [...]