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Scombinanto: full color power!
Antonio Colomboni aka Scombinanto, between illustration and art direction. We know folks. These pages have been silent for a while. But guess what? We're back with some booming content, and we'll never leave you after this! Let's go back straight with a new episode of the Design Stories, our fresh column about our favorite artists around. Antonio, better known as Scombinanto, is a an Italian illustrator that you may have heard of. He's been collaborating with some of the biggest players such as Nike and Toilet Paper. So, guys, please give a warm welcome to Antonio in the Fam! Ciao [...]
Federico Giuliani: toys, comics and power to the imagination!
Federico Giuliani makes your fantasy fly. For real! And here we are! Today is the day in which Federico Giuliani becomes an official member of the Design Stories Club! Our most mindful followers will remember Federico as a crucial contributor for Compass, our series of city guides made by locals. Today he’s gonna tell us more about himself, his art and passion. Also, get ready for a new bomb dropping: an exclusive Halloween capsule collection of iconic wooden cases for your trinkets. An eclectic mix of pop culture, graphic design, vintage gaming, and visual research. Are you ready to be [...]
Cecilia Castelli: roller coasting in the illustration world
The ups, the downs, the fun: Cecilia rules in the land of vivid colors. Probably, you wouldn't believe this if we didn't tell you: Cecilia Castelli, not long ago, was an unknown name in the illustration world. Now her drawings are breaking hearts, both on the 'gram and in real life. Not far from being 30,  from a place called Varese, nearby Milan, she's about to kick asses in the Italian creative scene. That's the reason why we're proud to welcome Cecilia to the Design Stories Club. Our column when our favorite artists tell the secrets and passions behind their work. So, eyes on this, look [...]
Clément Marin and a whole new definition of calligraphy
Clément Marin, or the future of calligraphy, for instance. We've stumbled upon Clément Marin's body of work a few months ago, while surfing the infinite Instagram feed. We've clicked on his profile and read: 20 years old - lettres à main - Pau, France. His lettering style was personal, respectful of the past yet innovative. He didn't care to follow minimalist or metropolitan trends. We suddenly fell in love with his craft. We've called him straight away like: "Hi Clément, Wood'd speaking. Would you mind joining the Design Stories collection? It's our column dedicated to interviews and collaborations with our favorite artists". As you can see the response was positive, [...]
Elenia Beretta: discover the inner strength in life
Elenia Beretta, from Bergamo to Berlin, and beyond. Impossible not to be fascinated by the work of Elenia Beretta, illustrator from Bergamo, Italy. Her dreamy brushes are the counterbalance of a super focused and determined woman in life. Her works have been published by many of our favorite books and magazines. We had a chat with Elenia last week, she revealed what inspires her, and showed us her favorite techniques. Revealing also a couple of tips and tricks that make her imagination as unique as it is immense. We are super happy to add a seat at the table, and give a big welcome to [...]
Giorgio Bartocci: the art at the center of ubiquity
Giorgio Bartocci, as much street art as possible. Spring vibes, here we go! It's finally time to walk the streets with eyes to the city we love so much. Let's move to wider spaces in order to enjoy them the most. And this is going to be even easier, as people like Giorgio Bartocci are filling our walls and homes with colors. We met Giorgio a while ago in Chinatown, Milan, where he was about to finish one of his latest works at Fabbrica del Vapore. He told us some tips and tricks for a graffiti artist, what inspires him and makes him always change. There [...]
Giuditta Aresi: the art of everyday life’s simple tools
Power to the Eighties children's fantasy. Well, take a little of nostalgia for objects of the past, the irony of a cute girl and add a lot  of drawings, paper sculptures and embroidered objects. Giuditta Aresi is a mix of all of this, and much more. Illustrator and artist from Bergamo,  she is the new entry of Design Stories, the columns that brings on your screens the work, habits and inspirations of our favorite artists. We met Giuditta a few days ago in her home/studio, talking about creativity and much more, and an incredible collaboration came out of it. Curious? Ciao Giuditta, a [...]
Alessandro Cripsta, images from the collective unconscious
Alessandro Cripsta and the art coming from nowhere The gang of Design Stories expands! Today we welcome Alessandro Cripsta, illustrator and artist from Milano. He's a very talented and fine artist, in our opinion, and in about ten minutes even in your opinion, I am convinced :) His imagery is suspended between classical representations and fluorescent colors that do not have much of a classic tone. And, like others in our gang, Alessandro's work is not only to be found online, but also on walls, shop windows, fanzines and, why not, coaches turned into works of art. A huge welcome to Alessandro [...]
Alberonero and the devotion to living colors
Alberonero is the artist bringing pixels back to real life. New year's resolution: strive to bring more inspiration, more fun, more art and more people to these virtual pages. And we start with Luca Boffi, a name that rings more than a bell in the milanese art scene. You may have heard of him already with the moniker Alberonero. He is the man behind huge murals made of simple shapes with the simplest colors. Flat colored squared, one next to the other, composing a massive colorful grid able to shut everyone's mouth up. His works could be find anywhere in [...]
La Fille Bertha: voicing a primeval emotional instinct
We met La Fille Bertha, from the Earth of Giants worldwide. La Fille Bertha, you see her work once and it's hard you forget about it. Whether it be a print, a wall, a t-shirt. Her characters stand strong, and we fell in love with these a few years ago, after an evening together in Milan. She and her illustrated dolls come from Sardinia, more precisely from Cagliari, but they have left traces in every city they came to. We would like to welcome La Fille Bertha to the Design Stories, the virtual space where we display the work of our favorite artists. A little advice: do not leave these [...]