Aroma Oil Kit "Cedarwood"


A collaboration between Wood’d and Rhizome, an Italian brand of niche perfumery. It will help you relaxing, focusing, or meditating whenever you need it.

Our Aroma Oils are proper perfume essences, a combination of essential oils and aroma agents mixed to provide the best olfactive experience.
 Just a few drops on our wooden diffuser will last for a fairly long time, up to 8 hours. It works with any aroma diffuser. You can also use it on fabrics.

The fragrance: Imagine walking in the woods, submerged in nature. Scents of wood and resin, the sound of wind and the delicate aroma of musk are the olfactive environment of this essence. Perfect for your meditation moments.

*it includes the Aroma Oil 10 and mahogany wood diffuser