Marimino Deep Blue


Our first collaboration with KAKI has arrived. Marimo is a Japanese seaweed, with a regular shape and vibrant color. Super easy to maintain, Marimo grows by 5 millimeters per year. 
The glass is made of Italian blown glass, the cup is made out of wood. 
Every product includes:
- One or two marimos
- Glass
- Cup
Marimo needs a few tricks to live long and happy. We suggest to proceed with the following operations every two weeks in the winter period and every ten days in the hottest summer days:
- Fill its container (in borosilicate glass or PET) with 24h decanted water or natural mineral. Do not use fresh tap water or sparkling water;
- Immerse it in a small container with fresh and clean water (always decanted or natural mineral water) and squeeze it gently to remove any impurities before putting it back in its container;
- do not expose it to direct sunlight and do not place it near artificial heat sources;
- Choose a bright environment so that it can carry out chlorophyll photosynthesis, thanks to which you can observe it floating and twirling full of oxygen bubbles!
- Does not fear the dark as it is used to living in lake bottoms;
- Do not use chemical detergents to clean the container;
- Always keep the lid of the container closed for the following reasons:
- Insects could choose the container as the ideal habitat for laying eggs;
- Prevent the deposit of dust in the water;
- Evaporated water would leave an unsightly limestone halo;
Our Marimo (Aegagropila l.) Are not taken from the natural environment - which is left intact - and are therefore grown starting from an organic substrate. It is therefore normal to notice a thin line or some white dot in the seaweed from time to time.