These brand are reshaping the idea of sustainability

Wood'd Sustainable Brands in Fashion and Design

How’s the industry really reshaping sustainability?

The fact that oceans and seas are full of plastic, that pollution is changing the climate and ecosystem of our planet, it means just one thing: time to act is now! This is also confirmed by the fact that a large part of the creative, fashion and design industries have become aware of the problem and are rethinking their production and distribution chain with a single objective: to check sustainability.

We already spoke about this issue in two previous blog posts. In the first one, we explained our very personal approach to the theme, while in the second one we suggested five simple ways to reduce plastic consumption. This third post has another aim, that starts from the fact that we are part of a system made of trends and creativity that often creates a need for consumption. And if consumption becomes sustainable then, as in a huge domino effect, the whole supply chain will adapt accordingly.

Many brands have already done it and here we go with a list of our five favorites. They range from clothing to cosmetics and none of these has come down to aesthetic compromises, take a few minutes to check them out because it’s worth it 👀🌿

Sustainability brand featured on Wood'd Uncovered


Founded by the living legend of surfing Kelly Slater, it has a mission we love: keep dressing the same way you do, but sustainably. Organic cotton and Fair-trade certified suppliers for a quality standard that is above any expectation. Super chilled look without any compromise.

reshaping sustainability according to Wood'd Uncovered


100% sustainable shoes, 100% made in Italy and 100% cool! We discovered Yatay shoes not long ago and we immediately fell in love. Recycled materials and sustainable production are just the icings on a cake made of comfort, coolness, and durability. And as they say “mother nature says thanks”.

reshaping sustainability: the Haeckels approach


Even the skincare industry can be sustainable, and Hæckels knows how to do it! It sources only top-quality natural ingredients, uses the brand as a vehicle of inspiration and offers solutions to reduce the pollution of the oceans. Do you have a better recipe for sustainability?

Reshaping sustainability: Wood'd picks


The name already says (almost) everything, and made us fall in love with it in a second! Basic items, produced in a sustainable way, using only organic cotton and produced with the best quality standards. Need to add something ?!

Reshaping sustainability: Ab Aeterno as mentioned by Wood'd


Made in Italy and sustainability are the cornerstones of this Veronese brand of watches. Born in 2012 they immediately developed wooden watches that have become icons in the eco-fashion scene.