Federico Giuliani: toys, comics and power to the imagination!

Federico Giuliani makes your fantasy fly. For real!

And here we are! Today is the day in which Federico Giuliani becomes an official member of the Design Stories Club! Our most mindful followers will remember Federico as a crucial contributor for Compass, our series of city guides made by locals. Today he’s gonna tell us more about himself, his art and passion. Also, get ready for a new bomb dropping: an exclusive Halloween capsule collection of iconic wooden cases for your trinkets. An eclectic mix of pop culture, graphic design, vintage gaming, and visual research. Are you ready to be launched in his own colorful world and find out what he prepared for us?

Hey Federico, would like to introduce yourself? How did you start with art?
Federico Giuliani, 30 years old, graphic and product designer. I wouldn’t define myself an artist, though, what I did it was to make my life passion into my work 🙂 It was something that happened about like eight years ago.

Federico Giuliani, product and graphic designer, collaborates with Wood'd and the design stories

How would you describe your job, rather than your art and passion for illustration? 
I consider my work as the graphic representation of the balance between my daily life and passions.

How your “average day” looks like? 
Usually I do freelance on behalf of my clients, and in my spare time I look for news and concepts over blogs and web-mags. My research is focused on images as inspiration for future concepts to be developed.

Federico Giuliani X Wood'd Collaboration

How’s your workspace? Do you have a favorite tool or technique you’re used to?
My workspace is as simple and clean as possible: Macbook, headphones and iPhone charger 🙂 Favorite tool? Illustrator.

Where your main inspiration come from?
My main inspiration goes back straight to my childhood. Comics, funnies, mangas, retro games as well as contemporary ones, sci-fi movies, pop culture in general, even though I am an 80s and 90s addict. But my main passion remains art toys, could they be designed by some big player or just some replica of movies or animated cartoons. I think those decades are the ones influencing more contemporary tv series, graphic design and fashion.

I also am working on my first toy. Together with Luca Zanotto, a close friend of mine, other than 3D artist and jeweler. The first sample is coming to the world real soon 🙂

Federico Giuliani Design Interview on Wood'd Uncovered Journal

Federico Giuliani graphic design interview on wood'd journal

So finally, what you have prepared for Wood’d?
I designed a capsule collection with my “DOTS” series, representing the pop and retro icons that first defined my childhood, driving me into my passion and work.

Federico Giuliani X Wood'd Collaboration

Federico Giuliani Design X Wood'dFederico Giuliani X Wood'd

Federico Giuliani X Wood'd Invader Design